Noteus was formed by the likes of frontman Tyson Huckins, drummer Shea Volker and bassist Nicholas Evans. This new musical concept has been brewing for many moons and was musically constructed during the Portland to Portland recording sessions in Bangor, ME (the next album to be released by Noteus). The musical styles of Noteus are a collection of Rock’n Roll, Folk, Americana, Reggae and Soul, blended and crafted by the vocal styles of Tyson Huckins. On stage Noteus provides a live experience with feelings, emotions, self exploration and personal euphoria. The crowd can groove to songs like Man, Woman or Human, End Goal and B-Side, but also experience the pressing emotion within songs like Ride Alone and Duel. Noteus is a true growing musical force, fueled by the Pacific Northwest West and The Columbia River Gorge, be sure to check out their next live performance, you will Noteus the band.